Sunday, June 30, 2013

Increased demand for Samsung Plasma TV

Samsung is quoting from the fourth quarter of 2012 GfK per reveal, the current demand for televisions sized 60 inches and above increased. However, television (TV) 32-inch size is still to be excellent.

"Trends TV needs with a larger screen continues to increase globally, although the 32-inch TV was a prima donna" said Product Marketing Manager Nokia Indonesia Bernard Ang in 'Reframing TV Technology' at Grand Indonesia.

In his presentation, Bernard revealed that the size of the TV with a range of 40 to 49 inches to grow more than 34 percent, then for the range of 50 to 59-inch size has increased more than 75 percent. As for the size of 60 inches to over 461 percent growth.

"TV is becoming a prestige, in addition to existing technologies, consumers also pay attention to the size," he added.

Meanwhile, LED TVs dominate the market since last year globally, in 2011 LCD and LED controlled 70 percent of the global market, then in 2013 surpassed the turnover LED LCD television with 54 percent. This year managed to shift the charm LED LCD TV with a 74 percent market reach.

Unfortunately Samsung was reluctant to reveal sales figures of Indonesia, thus kenati companies illustrate that for Plasma TV Samsung acquire 140 percent of the growth in the market is only 56 percent. Then for Samsung SmartTV experiencing 135 percent growth in the market is only 80 percent.

Bernard also mentioned the TV trend forward, according to Ultra High Definition into focus a number of vendors in this year. However, as in the SmartTV, there is no grip on the TV in the category of Ultra High Definition.

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