Friday, June 28, 2013

Still trendy fashion kaftan for Eid

Still trendy fashion kaftan for Eid
Clothes kaftan is likely to color the trend for Eid this year. The reason, many communities are still like models clothes from the Middle East.

Barli Asmara, the country is one of the designers said that kaftan does have a flexible model for a variety of body sizes. Therefore, the model of this dress is still a lot of public interest so that it will remain a trend on Eid this year.

Although kaftan will continue to dominate, but also suggest that in the future not be too excited. Because, with a simple look, women can still look beautiful.

"If for Eid, I think baseball needs too excited, but if for example there is an open house, would ditambahin full sequins yes please," he advised.

As for Eid collection, Barley said preparing a collection that will be launched next week. However, the collection is not intended for hijabers course, but also the non-hijabers who want to remain stylish.

"To the Muslim dress that, I will remove not just for hijabers, but also for who wants style. The non-hijab can use the dress for her can be used for them, for example if removed baseball mindset actually use it one-shoulder, "he concluded.