Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Batman 2 - DC Super Heroes: Best Current Series LEGO

Most of today's gamers may still think that LEGO always been synonymous with the world of children. Departing from the idea of ​​being "narrow" here, not a few gamers who are not interested and discouraged to try out a variety LEGO game series that often arise as an adaptation of the movie or popular comics. In fact? Although appearing in the visualization and impress a cute childish, a LEGO game series always brings a unique quality of the game, fresh, and addictive, the things that are hard to find in games today. What's more? Latest LEGO game series - LEGO Batman 2 - DC Super Heroes bring this franchise a higher level of quality.

As the name carried by this game, LEGO Batman 2 course a sequel to "indirect" LEGO Batman from the first series that get pretty good response from gamers around the world. System presents a simple game, but also challenging at the same time, LEGO Batman showing different viewpoints to enjoy the adventure The Dark Knight. Four years after the first series, the developer - Traveller's Tales seems committed to bringing this series a step further. The trick? By combining the LEGO series, which is already familiar with a variety of new elements that make it appear more "refreshing". A bold look that makes us call it the best LEGO series to date.